Delivering customized human grade food to dogs everywhere with love.

MTWO worked as an "embedded" product development team for Ollie from the very beginning to understand the behaviors and needs of dog owners.

Ollie is a healthy and delicious new take on dog food, offering pups nationwide freshly cooked, nutritionist designed recipes made with the best ingredients and customized portioning - all delivered right to the customers' door.

New Ollie users simply create a profile for their dog on the website, choose from a range of recipes & meal plan options and receive their regularly scheduled deliveries in insulated boxes ready to be unpacked and served to hungry best-friends.

MTWO functioned as an extension of Ollie's team for the duration of the project. We worked to decipher the meaning behind the behaviors and needs of dog owners before developing comprehensive delivery, packaging and serving systems along with providing logistics support through launch. MTWO also designed exciting custom assets for Ollie's experiential engagements and media events.

Since launch in October of 2016, Ollie has enjoyed a fantastic response by healthy dogs, happy humans and media outlets alike.

Our first step with Ollie was completing an extended research and user experience study in which we gathered invaluable data on the nuances of how dog owners live with and feed their pets.  We spent hours with real users (human & dog), observing, interviewing and recording our insights. We augmented our UX research with an extensive competitive product analysis and technology audit and compiled a detailed go-forward development strategy for Ollie.  

A wide range of initial, concept level designs for potential solutions offered the Ollie team a clear picture of the opportunities/drawbacks of various technologies while early renderings helped streamline decision-making and visualize brand integration.

We addressed potential use-case issues one-by-one, prototyping and testing a range of supporting custom collateral, including custom designed scoops for portioning and re-sealable lids to ensure lasting freshness.

Once core components were finalized, we turned our attention to the shipping process, evaluating insulation & outer carton options and developing a custom "welcome kit" and a modular carrier system to protect product in transit and ensure a fun un-boxing experience.

Ollie's launch was an important opportunity to build buzz so MTWO crafted custom assets for Ollie that could be used in a variety of deployments including trade shows, charity events and Ollie’s 2-day launch party in downtown Manhattan.

Ollie has generated amazing coverage from major outlets including Forbes, TechCrunch, Martha Stewart Living, Fast Company and Business Insider. Social media, celebrities, influencers and pups everywhere are talking (and barking) about the brand.

Great food and great packaging for our best friends!

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