Bringing Italian soul and hand-crafted, exclusive style to a direct-to-consumer platform.

An innovative supply chain revolution that is completely transforming the pricing, shopping experience and quality of the luxury footwear segment.

M. Gemi makes it possible for consumers to discover the quality, luxury and unique style of handcrafted Italian footwear at previously unsustainable "postluxury" prices.

Bringing an authentic Italian sensibility to an accessible, direct-to-consumer paradigm is a huge challenge, but through innovative manufacturing strategies, supply-chain management and impeccable branding & design M. Gemi has done just that for both women and men.  M. Gemi recreates the experience of exploring Florentine boutiques showcasing their latest designs by offering customers a series of limited "editions" each week in small quantities, effectively creating a "micro-seasonal" product lineup.

MTWO has consulted with the M. Gemi team since inception, levering our expertise across a range of capacities including product, brand, packaging and experiential design.  M. Gemi is a rapidly growing, evolutionary business and we look forward to continuing to innovate together.

"M. Gemi has found a way to deliver luxury-quality shoes at a fast-fashion pace and a fraction of the price by forming partnerships with Italian craftsmen and selling direct to consumer."


Italian Sole

Master craftsman, the best materials and individualized luxury means timeless style and exclusivity for all.

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