Simplifying the lives of parents and celebrating real life with kids.

MTWO was engaged to design for an elevated unforgettable unpacking experience

Rockets Of Awesome are reimagining how parents shop for kids. They don’t use hoverboards, but use algorithms which are just as cool. Based on what your kids like and don’t like, they design and hand-pick high quality clothes and send them to you free of charge four times a year.

Rockets Of Awesome engaged with MTWO to leverage our consumer experience design expertise, researching and building for an engaging and truly 'awesome' packaging experience system. MTWO's work included building out product group scenarios, in situ renderings and personalisation opportunities.

"It was like Christmas. The box alone was worth it alone. Excited is an understatement. My daughter dug through the box, pulling things out and excitedly chatting about them. Everything was so HER!"

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