Developing new standards for self-install.

How might we redefine the concept of Self-Install through making each customer feel
in control and supported at the same time?

‘Help us redesign the customer self-install experience influencing greater efficiencies and aligning to broader organizational goals.’

MTWO was engaged to work as a physical packaging partner and expert embedding with the research team (Motivate Design) and the client. MTWOs process included: early concept development, dissecting & analysing research findings, developing unwrapping scenarios, physical prototyping (CAD design/ 3D printing) and executing a fabrication ready design. 

Process and execution:

  • Identifies ‘Quick Win’ opportunities
  • Optimizes the current-state experience
  • Outline future-state implementation opportunities

Optimize Self-Install experience and overall "way finding".

Find ways to packaging with intent that's both aesthetically inline with COX brand vision and that creates an unwrapping hierarchy.

Prototype both low and high fidelity prototypes for user-testing and feed back sessions.

Use collected research findings and data points to adjust packaging for a more streamlined experience that feels empowering for the customer.

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