Real, healthy food is uncomplicated. Smalls.

Smalls teamed up with MTWO to tailor portioning for cats.

Smalls is tailor made for you cat, cooked freshly and delivered straight to you. Your food never sits on a shelf, which means Smalls can make food the way it was meant to be made.

Smalls partnered with MTWO to develop an intuitive elevated packaging system that would allow people to easily portion for any size cat without smelly fingers. MTWO worked closely with the Smalls team to develop a primary packaging system that solves for a low-cost elevated user-experience.

MTWOs process involved a catered user-research process questioning vetted cat owners, videoing feeding situations and analysing 'turn-down' situations involving portioning routines. The collected data points was mirrored with available co-packing scenarios for then to be analysed and visualized for validation and prototyping. MTWO's work included additionally: high-concept design, CAD design, visualization, prototyping, secondary packing dev. and brand consulting.

<p>"Smalls is our favorite option for fresh cat food delivery. Portion-sized resealable bags, healthy ingredients in recipes and competitive pricing!"</p>

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